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A DUI arrest can cause serious anxiety and distress. You may be unclear as to what penalties you could be facing or what steps you should take in the immediate aftermath. At Thoman Law, PLLC, I understand just how fearful you may be during this time and I am here to provide the peace of mind and confidence you need.

Arrested for drunk driving? Contact me, a Norfolk criminal defense attorney, today at (757) 932-2456!

You can trust that I will put all my knowledge into action to help you avoid a conviction when you hire my firm. I have experience as a former prosecutor, meaning I know what tactics the prosecution can use to convict you, putting me a step ahead right from the start. Earning a Superb Avvo Rating, my proven skill can be used to help with your case today. Allow me to stand up for you in court and fight to secure a favorable outcome.

What penalties am I facing?

Virginia notoriously takes drunk driving charges very seriously. Penalties for a conviction can increase with each offense, as in Virginia there is no 'lookback" period. This means that no matter how long ago you were convicted of that first DUI, it can still impact you if you face additional charges.

You could be facing the following penalties for your DUI charges:

  • First DUI - 5 days in prison if a child was in the car, 1-year license suspension, and $250 in fines
  • Second DUI - Up to 1 year in jail, 3-year license suspension, and at least $500 in fines
  • Third DUI - Between 1 to 5 years in prison, license revocation, and at least $1,000 in fines

In addition to these penalties, you may have to pay for the installation of an ignition interlock device in your car. This is like a mini breathalyzer and is used to prevent your car from starting if your BAC reads over a set limit. Also, failing to submit to a chemical test will result in an automatic suspension of your license prior to your criminal trial.

Contesting Your DUI Arrest

When you call on me to contest your DUI charge, I can employ several tactics. A common point of attack is the results of the breathalyzer test which you were likely required to take. These machines are far from perfect: they require routine maintenance and can give false readings if they detect alcohol in your mouth as opposed to deep in your lungs. I can use this knowledge to challenge any chemical test evidence against you, working to weaken the prosecution's case. Further, if police did not have any probable cause to pull you over, any evidence they gathered in this time may be thrown out, essentially making way for your charges to be dropped.

Get started with your defense today!

A DUI arrest is no guarantee of a conviction. If you are facing DUI charges, no matter the circumstances, call on my firm. I can discuss your options during your complimentary case evaluation and help you determine the next best step.

The sooner we can get started building your defense the better, so call my firm right away!

What Is My Process like as a Lawyer?

  • I will sit down and discuss every aspect of your case with you from the investigation to the arrest in order to evaluate whether your rights were infringed upon in any way.

  • As a former prosecutor, I know exactly what to look for in the prosecution's case that may be considered a weakness and then I attack it.

  • I truly believe in providing only the highest quality representation to my clients by ensuring that they receive a fair trial.

  • I am not afraid to aggressively challenge evidence and police reports.

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