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Can You Beat a DUI?

All too often people are arrested for DUI and don't attempt to fight their charges. They automatically assume that because they blew .08% or higher, they have no choice but to accept a DUI conviction. While this is most likely the course a DUI case will take if the defendant chooses to do nothing, people can and do beat their DUI charges every day.

DUI, like any other criminal offense can be challenged in court. A key part of handling any Virginia Beach DUI case is to challenge the chemical test results and all evidence gathered by law enforcement and used by the prosecuting attorney to secure a conviction against the defendant.

As your defense attorney, it is my job to evaluate every piece of evidence and aspect of the DUI case brought against you. This includes the legality of your traffic stop, and the manner of which any evidence was discovered, collected and processed. All it takes is one mistake, or one violation in your rights, or a procedural error with how blood, breath or urine evidence was collected and stored to impact which evidence is admissible in court.

There are few offenses in the American criminal justice system that call for greater attorney expertise than driving under the influence of alcohol or drug offenses. DUI cases require that defense counsel understand the scientific, as well as legal processes behind DUI charges. The legal issues involving DUI cases involve:

As a Virginia Beach DUI attorney and former prosecutor, I have a working understanding of the operation of breath test equipment, hospital testing equipment, and instruments used by forensic laboratories to process for intoxicants. With an in-depth understanding of DUI evidence and how to challenge DUI cases, I have been able to help my clients keep their driver's licenses and a DUI conviction off their record.

Can DUI cases be fought and won? Most certainly. I encourage you to contact me at Thoman Law, PLLC at (757) 932-2456 to arrange a free consultation!