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Were you recently arrested for DUI in the Chesapeake area? You should know that Virginia takes DUIs very seriously, which means you need to act fast to protect your future. While an arrest is scary enough, you will soon be facing courtroom procedures through the criminal justice system. You cannot afford to go through this time without legal counsel! As a Chesapeake DUI lawyer, I am ready to advocate for you in court.

What you need at this time is an attorney who has sufficient experience handling DUI charges and knows how to employ effective defense strategies. At Thoman Law, PLLC, I have a background as a former prosecutor, giving me an edge that other defense lawyers don't have. Do not delay in retaining my services! Call my firm to set up a free consultation.

Consequences for DUI in VA

DUI convictions can include immediate and long-term punishments. It is important to note that a DUI conviction stays on your record in Virginia indefinitely, meaning that you will be punished for subsequent offenses decades after you were convicted for your first one. This is all the more reason to obtain capable and aggressive legal representation from a Chesapeake criminal defense attorney.

Typical penalties for a DUI conviction include:

  • First offense - 5 days in jail, $250 in fines, and a license suspension for 1 year
  • Second offense - 20 days to 1 year in jail, a $500 fine, and a license suspension for 3 years
  • Third offense - 6 months to a year in jail, $1,000 in fines, and revocation of your license

Furthermore, a DUI conviction can impact all areas of your life, including employment, education, and relationships. You may not be able to uphold certain scholarships in college, could be fired from your job, and may even suffer challenges with loved ones due to your criminal record.

Challenging Your Test Results

At Thoman Law, PLLC, I can provide a resilient defense in court on your behalf. While the prosecution must prove your guilty beyond reasonable doubt, I can make every effort to clear your name and weaken their case. Were you accused of not performing well on a field sobriety test? This is commonly used by law enforcement to obtain a conviction, but like many parts of your arrest, it can be contested in court. Field sobriety tests are famously subjective and usually only serve to confirm what the officer already believes about your intoxication.

Likewise, breath and blood test evidence can also be challenged. I can closely examine all the details to determine if you were properly informed of your rights or not. I can also review the results and procedures to see if any procedural errors occurred, which could ultimately require the evidence to be dismissed. Whatever the case, you can count on me to find the right angle to fight your charges.

Now is the Time to Act

Don't lose hope, even if you have previous DUI convictions from the past. You still have the right to a fair trial and strong defense, and I am here to ensure you receive that. As a Chesapeake DUI attorney, I can fight to preserve your freedom and secure a favorable ruling.

Call my firm today if you are ready to talk about your charges.

What Is My Process like as a Lawyer?

  • I will sit down and discuss every aspect of your case with you from the investigation to the arrest in order to evaluate whether your rights were infringed upon in any way.

  • As a former prosecutor, I know exactly what to look for in the prosecution's case that may be considered a weakness and then I attack it.

  • I truly believe in providing only the highest quality representation to my clients by ensuring that they receive a fair trial.

  • I am not afraid to aggressively challenge evidence and police reports.

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