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Virginia Beach Expungement Lawyer

Expungement of Criminal Record

Many people are haunted by an arrest or conviction on their criminal record. A conviction for an offense that took place in the distance past will show on your criminal record forever, unless you seek an expungement. If you want to get the expungement of your criminal record in Virginia Beach then you will need to file a civil lawsuit against the Commonwealth of Virginia. A Virginia Beach criminal attorney can help you. At Thoman Law, PLLC I have 5 ½ years of previous experience being a prosecutor. I have successfully tried and negotiated thousands of cases.

Under our state's laws there are three factors in which you can get the expungement of your record. If you were acquitted, if the prosecution dropped the case, or if you received a pardon from the state governor. If you believe you are eligible for an expungement of your record then contact my firm today. There are some criminal convictions that cannot be expunged. Find out what can be done in your case by contacting my firm. A criminal record can have a significant impact on your ability to get a job. With many people seeking employment, having a criminal record can be the one factor that causes you to be passed over for another candidate. In today's world, even those seeking a relationship may engage in a background search of a prospective relationship partner. An expungement allows you to be free of this concern, finally and at last.

How to Get the Expungement of Your Criminal Record

Contact a Virginia Beach expungement lawyer today to begin the process of getting the expungement of your criminal record. I will help you file an appeal to the court requesting the expungement of your police and court records relating to the charge. I will then help you complete the rest of the process, such as helping you obtain a copy of the warrant or indictment, serving a copy of the appeal to the Attorney of the Commonwealth, obtaining a complete set of your fingerprints from a law-enforcement agency and then providing them a copy of the appeal, and helping you at the hearing. Don't let your criminal charges continue to follow you if you were acquitted or your case was dropped. You need to get the expungement of your criminal record to continue to live a peaceful life. Contact me today so I can help you.

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